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The journey of our firm M/s. N.D. panseria  has been started from the year 1964 as the partnership firm & it was been started by Late Sri. Narshidas Panseria & his son Sri. Manoharlal Panseria (Patel) with their  innovative  ideas  which became the best part for the organization was to be the trust worthy for the commitment and loyalty towards the customers and the creditors , he strongly believe that there is no such word as impossible & everything could be made possible by moving towards the straight path. Again after moving  the few journey one more partner namely Sri. Jignesh Patel ,s/o, Sri. Manoharlal Patel  introduced himself in this journey with totally different ideas , he is very challenging in nature & has a positive attitude towards every difficult tasks , his involvement in the organization became the biggest turning point  for the business, he introduced many new items in business but the best of all was totally different from others was the segment of small promotional toys which are being used now a days by most of the manufacturers for filling inside the pouches of snacks.  He mostly visited every part of our country  & made strong business relations with each one of them with his sweet & challenging nature.

                  Sri. Jignesh Patel in his running era introduced to more projects which are his sister concerns namely Kanbi Machinery  & Patel Gruh Udyog .

                   Kanbi machinery is a business of trading which deals in all kinds of food processing & Packing machineries and it deals with customers / creditors in every part of India . The best part of this concern is that it is being maintained & managed by Smt. Bhavna Patel ,  spouse of Sri. Jignesh Patel  & in her supervision  the concern is moving steadily towards the achievement goals . When it comes to the topic of faith towards the product the customers are very much aware of the goodwill of the company .

                  Patel Gruh Udyog  is a unit of manufacturing of  flavored drink  & much more.

                  At last company always wishes best for its customer / creditors & thanks them for such support towards every aspect  of life.

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